30+ Blockchain Applications Ideas to Boost Your Business in 2023

Users can stake their cryptocurrency through a DeFI application and earn interest by trading a mix of financial assets, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies. In this blog, we will discuss a few blockchain business ideas which show how a distributed ledger can give a rocket start to your start-up business. The first project idea in this category is – Time lock Smart Contract. A time lock smart contract would be a wallet that would keep your crypto assets locked for a certain amount of time.

blockchain app ideas

Hence, the odds are high that we see this technology being used for future elections as well. ‘Maintaining a country registry is not just expensive but even a labor-intensive operation. However, there is a blockchain-secured app platform to maintain records of real estate. At the same time, it reduces the future title search time and enhances transparency. The concept of fake medicine is quite rampant at the moment and often people wonder how to exactly find whether the medicine is genuine or not. However, blockchain technology might have a solution to this issue There is an app named Blockverify that allows to track the pharmaceuticals throughout the supply chain.

Few more blockchain business opportunities 2023

The startup is working on a system for making it easier for cities to communicate with each other, to reduce traffic and pollution, and to inform citizens about environmental conditions. Building a blockchain that uses smart contracts to increase the accuracy of B2B transactions. A blockchain-based, peer-to-peer platform allowing people to rent apartments and rooms in unused retail space to travelers in need as a means of earning extra income and paying for rent. A startup for project management on the blockchain, where freelancers can find clients and employers can find projects they want to fill.

blockchain app ideas

Organizations give coupons, plastic tokens, discounts, and other kinds of loyalty rewards to their users. As a result, to learn more about our work, please review our work portfolio and contact us today for the best Blockchain development services. Websites are hosted on servers, which may crash or cease to function for other reasons.

Blockchain-based applications for Gift cards and different loyalty programs

You can sell as well as rent decentralized storage to companies/individuals looking to reduce strain on their in-house servers. NFTs have huge demand these days and are being liked https://xcritical.com/ and used in many industries, including gaming, apps & more. A consulting business offers professional advice or support to individuals or organizations in a particular industry.

blockchain app ideas

Users have the opportunity to own collectible moments that range from a LeBron James highlight reel dunk to an Anthony Davis blocked shot GIF. We’ve rounded up 33 examples of real-world blockchain use cases for this pragmatic yet revolutionary technology. It’s far from an exhaustive list, but they’re already changing how we do business. To make sure expectations are met, traditional IT outsourcing includes a lot of setup, planning, and relationship management. Businesses have a thorough record of work history that can be promptly confirmed by using collaborators over a trusted blockchain network. Smart customers understand how to take advantage of brand loyalty programmes .

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Currently, many trades pass through a settlement process that takes days due to the involvement of intermediaries, such as clearinghouses, exchanges, and regulatory processes. Blockchain technology can positively impact the future of the stock market in a number of ways. Currently, many operations go through a settlement process that takes days due to the involvement of intermediaries, such as exchanges, clearing houses, and regulatory processes.

blockchain app ideas

Apart from having the basic functions of a fintech app such as analyzing all your balances in one place, Prism embodies all the benefits of bill tracking apps. Just schedule your bills, and the app will add them to a calendar and notify you about the upcoming payment. This segment is already a bit crowded, but quick and risk-free money transfers remain in high demand. Electronic wallets, digital money, apps for transferring money from buyers to vendors, and international money transfers fall into this category. MyCigna, for example, is an app built by Cigna, a global health insurance company, helping customers claim health insurance and keep track of their healthcare expenses.

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They can also be executed by open-source communities not affiliated with any particular company or organization. This app is building a platform for blockchain-based companies to accept payments and provide escrow services for their customers. Startup is building a platform for customers, based on the blockchain technology, to purchase products directly from manufacturers and avoid retailers. The company, which was founded in March, currently has more than 400 brands on its platform.

  • Medicalchain’s cooperative blockchain platform allows for an easier and more secure flow of information.
  • In a database, the data is structured into tables, while a blockchain structures its data into blocks which are then put together.
  • As the data is stored in small packages, there is no single point failure in the system.
  • A blockchain-based platform for driving and sharing autonomous vehicles, akin to Uber and Lyft but for cars.
  • All the decentralized applications are also known as DApps and are made on the Ethereum platform.
  • The following companies are helping grow the popularity of blockchain in our media.

These may include physical wallets, security keys, USB drives, and other storage devices that can be used to safely store digital currency & assets. Blockchain technology can be used to efficiently target customers for reward programs as well as offer the facility to exchange loyalty rewards across brands. Many countries are planning to create and some have already launched their own digital currencies inspired by blockchain to ensure seamless cross-border transactions between economies. Blockchain technology is quickly becoming a key player in the digital transformation of businesses. There are many ways to start a site or app to make money, and even offer offline cash game options. Despite all of the headlines you hear about startup funding and SBA loans, many businesses are bootstrapped.

#8. Blockchain-Powered Investing Platform

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By the time you are ready to file, the entire patent procedure may take up to 16 months on average. A blockchain platform LOCIsearch for IP discovery & mining enables the idea inventors to team up with a patent lawyer for filing/selling their IP to the buyers directly. A lot of the time people receive loyalty points from companies that they can’t use with any other company. For this issue, there is a Loyyal app enabling its users to combine the loyalty rewards from various companies and trade them. When looking to hire a fresh graduate, the company has to do a lot of background checks to ensure the certification is genuine. For this, there is a Smart chain, which offers the solution for digital educational certificates.