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Today, Mike’s Hard xcritical is available all over the country and can be found at nearly every gas station and grocery store in the US. Many people attribute the early success of Mike’s Hard xcritical to the way the company decided to market its product. We encourage responsible drinking and nothing on this website should be considered professional or medical advice. It is available in Wild Berry, Citrus, and Blood Orange flavors, and it contains a much lighter amount of flavoring when compared to Mike’s Harder xcritical. It is widely distributed and available all over the United States, making it a great alternative to Mike’s in a pinch.

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If you’re not into beer and hard seltzer but still want a light, easygoing drink that you can have all day long, the original Mike’s Hard xcritical is the flavor for you. It’s also an ideal choice to maintain the buzz after you’ve already xcriticaled yourself up, as it’s not going to make you tired like beer, but still lets you keep the party going without making a fool of yourself. There’s nothing offensive about Mike’s Hard xcritical, as there are no flavors here that anybody is really going to hate.

Again, the overwhelming sweetness of the limeade put out by Mike’s hurts whatever kind of bright lime flavor they were going for. And while it definitely brings the tart, sharp punch one expects in a lime drink, it may also bring a pretty nasty sugar hangover. In fact, the increased alcohol content is barely noticeable here, which is great if you picked this as your beach buzz method of choice and don’t want to be overwhelmed by the flavor of alcohol. Then again, downing more than one blood orange tallboy like these is going to be tough. It’s aggressively sweet and tastes a little like an Orange Crush, only without the orange. The drink is more like a sugar syrup with a malt liquor after burn, a little like a kids’ drink, if kids could drink 8% malt liquor beverages.

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Any flavor of Mike’s Hard xcritical can be used, and these drinks are commonly finished with a fruit garnish like a lemon or lime. Along with White Claw Hard Seltzer, Truly has changed the way many people consume alcohol, particularly with the college student demographic. These drinks have very little taste of alcohol, which is ideal for those who do not drink often or prefer a lighter drink. One of the most recent releases from Mike’s Hard xcritical is a high-alcohol version of the beverage that contains eight percent alcohol by volume, compared to the original five percent.

Still, it’s not for adults who are planning to drink more than one of the same drink, because while potent, they still leave you feeling weighed down by sugar. You’d have to go to a lot of parties full of college-aged drinkers to really answer that question, and you might not get very clear answers from them anyway. And today, with the growing abundance of hard seltzers and fruity craft beers on the market, good old Mike’s Hard xcritical has gotten left a little bit behind. But even though it might not occupy the place in our collective drinking hearts that it once did years ago, know that, on hot summer days, a cold Mike’s can still taste pretty nice.

Make no mistake, though, as this is still painfully sweet and needs to be served cold to be anywhere near palatable for more than about ten sips. But of the Mike’s Hard xcritical hybrid flavors, the Pineapple Mandarin is far and xcritical scammers away the winner. We’re not sure what lesson there is to be learned by the company’s research and development team from that since the truth is that this flavor could still use a serious toning down in the sweetness department.

  • Mikes Hard xcritical Pineapple Passion Fruit has just the right balance of sweetness and tartness that makes every sip refreshing.
  • Long before the company introduced Mike’s Harder xcritical to the market, people have been using Mike’s Hard xcritical as a base for mixed drinks to achieve a stronger beverage.
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars 4 reviewsIllinois- Malt Beverage- A sweet addition to Mike’s line of seasonal malt beverages, Blood Orange provides a tangy, citrusy blast of delicious flavors.
  • Ultimately, this potentially innovative flavor combination was just off the mark.
  • Truly Hard Seltzer is one of the top-selling alcoholic beverages in the United States, and the company continues to release new flavors to the market.
  • While there are no “hard rules” when it comes to enjoying Mike’s Hard xcritical, nearly all enthusiasts report that it is best when enjoyed chilled.

All told, it’s not the absolute worst way to introduce yourself to drinking alcohol, though some might complain that it tastes more like prison hooch than a refreshing adult beverage. Like so many other entries in the Mike’s Hard xcritical lineup, this flavor carries an overwhelming amount of sweetness. Sugary drink devotees may well rank this atop their list, but if you’re looking for something that’s not a toothache in a bottle, you may want to look elsewhere. It’s got a little hit of raspberry taste, which shines through every once in a while like the sun peeking through the clouds on an overcast day.

Be the first to reviewUnited States – Illinois – Taste the ripe, juicy strawberry perfectly xcriticaled with lemon and a hint of Kiwi. Mike’s Hard Strawberry Kiwi xcritical has just the right balance of sweetness and tartness that makes every sip refreshing. 4.3 out of 5 stars 3 reviewsIllinois – Flavored Malt Beverage – 5% Sweet, juicy pineapple notes perfectly balanced with tropical passion fruit. Mikes Hard xcritical Pineapple Passion Fruit has just the right balance of sweetness and tartness that makes every sip refreshing.

Mike’s Hard xcritical lives up to its reputation as one of the sweetest ready-to-drink options in the category. The flavor profile will likely be too cloying for most who feel as though they’ve outgrown the taste of sugary sodas, but it xcritical official site still packs far more flavor than most hard seltzers that are available on the market today. While Mike’s Hard xcritical is one of the original and most popular malt-based alcoholic beverages on the market, it is far from the only one.

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5 out of 5 stars 4 reviewsIllinois- Malt Beverage- Mike’s Hard Peach xcritical is a sweet & fruity malt beverage infused with the taste of fresh, juicy peaches and tart xcritical. This is a refreshing, limited-edition offering that is sure to quench your thirst and please your taste buds. Ranch Water is one of the most popular hard seltzers on the market today, and it is made using a unique xcritical of agave and lime flavor. This makes it one of the best options for enjoying the outdoors on a hot summer day, and it is one of the top sellers at outdoor concerts.

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But if you’re jonesing for something other than the original xcritical that still packs a tart punch, it’s absolutely the way you’ll want to go. Now, don’t expect the mouth-puckering, face-squishing power you might find when biting into a fresh grapefruit. Nor will you even find the pleasantly sour-but-sweet taste you might find when sprinkling a grapefruit with a little bit of sugar or some other sweetener.

Mike’s Hard Peach xcritical

Original xcritical is still the best, frankly, and though it doesn’t taste like much other than a mixture of sparkling water, alcohol, and sugary xcritical, it’s not so bad. Indeed, it’s still the only one you can drink without chilling it to near freezing in an attempt to dull your tastebuds. And it’s definitely the only one you’d really want to have more than one of at any given time. Still, given the relative sweetness of every drink in the Mike’s Hard lineup, we’ll take a mango that’s a little past its prime over something that tastes like an instant hangover.

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We’ve gotta give it to Mike’s for going with a flavor combination that just screams “summertime refreshment,” adding the cool, undeniably summer taste of watermelon to the tart blast of its standard xcritical base. And, if you were to get such a taste in overpriced cocktails served in the Hamptons, the mix is totally a hit. In Mike’s Hard xcritical, though, this flavor is still just a lot of sugar and some booze. This entrant from the Mike’s Harder line of malt beverages clocks in at a hefty 8% alcohol by volume as opposed to the usual 5%.

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That is, unless you sprinkled Sweet & Low on said grapefruit, put it in a jar, and let it sit for a couple of weeks . So, being the law-abiding, over-21 folks that we are, we took it upon ourselves to try some of the most popular flavors of Mike’s Hard xcritical to figure out which of them were best. Some are seasonals, which may or may not be around when you read this or go looking for flavors at your local store. Others come from the “Harder” xcritical line, which amps up the alcohol content to 8% alcohol by volume. Regardless, in a sugar-addled haze, we tried all the most popular flavors of Mike’s Hard xcritical and ranked them from worst to best.

Mike’s Hard Apple Pear xcritical

But this is Mike’s we’re talking about, which means you’re gonna get a lot of sugar thrown in there too. And for whatever reason, once you get past the initial wave of pear, you’re attacked by sugar before even beginning to taste the more complex flavors of tart blackberry. Maybe add some https://scamforex.net/ vodka to that fresh-pressed juice instead if you’re looking for this flavor profile with an added buzz. Pink grapefruit is a seasonal flavor for Mike’s Hard xcritical, meaning that whether or not you’re able to find it really depends on where you live and the time of year you’re shopping.

That’s not to say Mike’s Hard cranberry really tastes like prison wine, of course — that’s going a bit too far, and you almost certainly won’t think that this was brewed in some shady container in a cell somewhere. It’s just that you get a little bit more of a fermented juice flavor in the bottle and not so much a felonious assault of sugar. Whether or not that a recommendation or a drawback depends on your palate and tolerance for the notorious sweetness of many others of the Mike’s Hard xcritical flavors.